Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~Springspiration Craft Challenge~

I was so excited when Monique from asked if I would like to be part of her Springspiration Craft Challenge! She sent out a (very cute) little package of craft supplies to 5 of us (all who which have blogs). Gave us a few weeks to put together a DIY project with our supplies, and now it's time to show off our lovely projects! For my project I decided to make a paint brush holder. So here goes mine, I hope you enjoy it!
These were the supplies I had to use.

I started by folding over the top, and sewing it down.

I figured out how much a would need to fold the bottom in.

Than I sewed it down.

Once the bottom was sewn, I folded it in half and left 1.5 open across the top.

I made sure it was even across, pinned it in place, and sewed up each side.

I went and decided where I would want each slot placed. ( I left extra room at one end, you'll see why )

I sewed each slot

I took the doily, and sewed half of it on the end where I left extra room.

I put my brushes in, rolled it up, and figured out where I would need to put my button.

I made a button hole on the other half of the doily and stitched around it to keep it from fraying.

And there you go, a handy dandy brush holder!

I'm thinking I will make another to put my make-up brushes in.

I hope you like it! Keep checking out to see what the other ladies made for their projects!
Have a wonderful Tuesday! ~ J.

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